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Our Tools


Doug has created a series of six one day university certified classes to help community leaders become more effective. They are intended to improve training and professionalism in community leadership roles and include: Municipal Governance, Strategic Leadership, Effective Communication & Engagement, Planning & Action, Collaborating for Success, and Change Management.


This tool is free to communities that book a speaking or consulting engagement, and for individuals who want to take the test. This online tool will assess which of the 13 Ways are most destructive to your community in a report that also provides general guidance on methods to improve the areas in need of attention. The more people that take it, the more statistically relevant it is (30 is the minimum for statistical relevance).

Community Evaluation Report

We conduct interviews with community members, onsite visits, workshops, and research to give your community a clear picture of its current state of challenges and opportunities. This hands-on analysis of your community, what is holding it back, and what can move it forward culminates in a frank report with recommendations and action items.