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Economic Development Strategy

This plan focuses economic development initiatives but goes far beyond the traditional strategy. Economic development plans that don’t start with people and quality of life will always prove ineffective. Our plan encompasses a whole community approach with a focus to your unique competitive advantages to ensure businesses and people choose your community to invest their money and their lives.

Community Wide

There is never a shortage of plans in a community. The challenge is that those plans are rarely aligned and often in complete contradiction to each other. Real community success means that each organization, from the Municipal Government to Communities in Bloom to Chambers of Commerce to School Boards understand how their plan fits into the big picture of making the community successful. Our process brings the organizations together and creates a priority list from the plans to ensure everyone is working toward the same goal: a thriving community.

Strategic Plan Development

Many communities and organizations have a strategic plan, but it is a big and thick document full of fluff words that no one ever reads. We create useable strategic plans that fit onto two pages. The public can understand them, and leaders can use them. They also come with a tactical strategy the clearly lays out what needs to be done, who is responsible for it, how progress will be measured, how much it will cost, and how you will know when you are done and ready to report results.