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Community Assessments

The Community Assessment is an effective and efficient way to get a clearly articulated picture of who your community is, so it can meaningfully and effectively plot a course for its future. It is difficult to see what advantages you have, and what your weaknesses are, when we see them everyday. There is value to having outside eyes look through your community and tell you what makes it great and what needs to be fixed.

Community Diagnosis

Start with our online diagnostic tool for evaluating your community through the lens of 13 Ways. Once complete, you will receive a scorecard telling you how your community rates on each of the 13 Ways, and receive general guidance on methods to improve areas that need attention.

Community Assessment

This assessment is broader and more comprehensive. Interviews with community members, onsite visits, workshops, and research combine to give your community a clear picture of its current state of challenges and opportunities. This hands on analysis of your community, what is holding it back, and what can move it forward culminates in a report with recommendations and action items.